Poem: Fallen


I wrote this in high school. I remember being inspired during our senior class retreat. It has some obvious Christian imagery woven throughout.

I fell
You laughed

I stumbled
You pointed and stared

I failed
You ignored me

I cried
You abandoned me

I was weak
And you let me crumble like sand

My soul was singed
And you left me screaming for help

I lacked the soothing words
And you slapped me across the cheek

Tears stained my pillows
Yet never did you offer me comfort

My body received blow after blow
And crashed to the ground
But you left me without a shoulder to lean against

Thorns scraped at my clothes
As I passed by the bushes
Never once did you utter words
Hinting at the desire to ease my pain

I sat in the corner
Looking at the blurry figures pass
And died on the inside


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