Poem: Allusions of Myself


I wrote this during my sophomore year of college. I remember sitting in the cafeteria trying to come up with a poem to share at a poetry reading. Yes, during a freshman writing course, my professor introduced me to a group in a nearby city that hosted monthly poetry readings. She said they would welcome a college student. I just had to find the nerve to give it a chance. Eventually all my favorite poems that I had written in high school had been shared and I was in need of new material.

I want to be like Edison
Inspired daily,
Filling pages with new comparisons.

I dream of Walden,
Being alone among nature,
Writing, preserving my thoughts.

Picasso taught me that beauty isn’t always skin deep.

Whitman showed me how to embrace myself,
How to celebrate.

I have developed a love for foreign lands through Dr. Seuss.

I try to model the inner strength of Job,
Who, after encountering every possible disappointment,
Still remained faithful.

As for my clumsiness,
I aspire to fall gracefully like volleyball players.


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