Poem: Daily


Another poem I wrote in college. It’s an overly simplistic view of certain situations, but it was meant to illustrate how heroes come in many different forms. There are many ways we can step in and help those around us. Even a small gesture can make a huge difference. You never really know how your actions can impact others for the better.

Leaper of fire to rescue a trapped child.
Man dressed in blue shielding a victim.

The five-year-old says:
“And he came from another table
With a blue crayon when I only had a green.”

The mother says:
“I wanted to lose myself in a bottle,
But someone called saying how wonderful
My child is.”

The suicidal says:
“After a stranger (homeless) smiled at me
And said ‘Jesus loves you,’
I threw the razor in the trash.”

The depressed person says:
“After someone said they liked my idea,
I wondered if there was another
Positive aspect in the world.”

The accident-prone little child says:
“And Daddy came running.
Not saying how disappointed he was
At the broken plate,
But worried about how serious my cuts were.”

The stressed high school senior says:
“Once she told a silly joke at lunch,
That last test didn’t seem to matter.”

Hero — like water —
Transforming into the right shape.
A chameleon hidden in the background.


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