Poem: I Am

Struggle of wanting to help but not being sure how. Can one person make a difference?

In eighth grade we were asked to complete a form poem. Each line began with a certain phrase and we had to finish the thought. A typical response for this assignment was a bunch of random thoughts that somehow added up to introducing you a bit more, showing likes/dislikes/interests. Mine turned into something with a more mature theme.

I’ve included the template we were given to follow.

Given the content of the poem, I see this as proof for myself that I did want to help people in whatever way I could.

Yet, I’m still not sure why being kind, listening to what others say, being available and helping others were seen as secondary characteristics and behaviors. Why was seeking academic success, athletic abilities and other talents seen as more valuable? Those abilities can be taught or learned. But how you treat other people, whether you care about others or only yourself, that’s more of a fundamental thing. That really has to come first.

I am a rich kid from love.
I wonder what it’s like to be homeless.
I hear opportunity knocking on the door.
I see the starving in my mind.
I want to help but I don’t know how.
I am a rich kid from love.

I pretend that nothing’s going on in the world, but there’s something.
I feel their pain weighing me down.
I touch their shoulder, but then just walk away.
I worry about them when winter comes around.
I am a rich kid from love.

I understand what people go through, or at least I try.
I say to others what I want them to say to me.
I dream that homelessness will go away in the future.
I try to help out everyone I can.
I hope that someday I’ll be able to make a difference.
I am a rich kid from love.



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