Poem: Insanity


I wrote this at the end of ninth grade. Apparently I was going through a phase of trying to determine how poetry works for me. Does it have to rhyme? Should stanzas be the same number of lines and similar syllable count? Should it kind of have a sing-song quality to it? This poem accomplishes all of that!

It’s a goofy little thing about writer’s block.

Or, another way of looking at this, is that experience of you know what you want to say or write, the idea is on the tip of your tongue and yet the exact words are just out of reach.

Aaaah! Wham!
Where did it go?
I just had it
Searched high and low

I hate this
I drew a blank
My thoughts
They just sort of sank

In the thin air
Out of my mind
The story’s not finished
Where’s the time?

The world is going by
Without me instead
It’s getting late
Oh there on the bed!

Yes! I found it
Finally it’s here
Racking my brain
The ending is near


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