Poem: The Unknown Cause

I wrote this in ninth grade, as well. But the idea for this poem came from a session of using magnetic poetry. I had a pack hanging on the wall of my room and would play with the words. I believe the image of sun-streaked hair and the purple convertible came from the magnets, and then I somehow created a story to go with it.

I believe the title comes from the man in the poem, his attitude. Many times when people are abusive or violent they don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. So when things unravel it comes as a surprise.

But looking back, I’m excited to see that I could write a poem about this kind of topic. Mostly, I’m excited that I wrote something where the female wasn’t just a victim, forever taking the abuse. She got out. She broke free.

The long, golden sun-streaked hair was flowing in the wind
As the purple convertible drove off
Leaving a cloud of exhaust behind
She was driving out of his life forever
She couldn’t put up with someone like him anymore
What did I do? He screamed watching motionless
As she disappeared into thin air
A lone tear sneaked its way down his cheek
I love her
What happened?
Don’t you know we belong together?
Anger overruling pain he stormed inside his house
Fire in his eyes he grabbed objects and threw them across the room
Crash after crash didn’t calm him down
Yell after yell from concerned neighbors didn’t stop him
He was beyond mad or upset
He was beyond any control
As the last grain of sand drops in the hourglass
A knock at the door interrupts him
He is taken downtown
Under the charge of beating his girlfriend

Back at his house
On the floor are shattered picture frames of the two
When they were safe and happy


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