Poems about peacefulness


Most people probably have a spot they like to go to for peace and quiet. It might be a daily place of refuge or more infrequent. It might mean going to a physical location or just closing your eyes and creating a special environment in your mind. Or doing a daily Bible study and meditation which helps to start the time with a proper frame of mind.

In high school and college, my happy place was with a journal. Writing out my thoughts and feelings offered me peace. I could vocalize what I needed to there without having to worry about pleasing anyone or needing someone else’s approval. So, yes, despite all the uncertainty that encompassed my life, there were still moments of seeking calm and peace … and finding it.

These poems were both written during tenth grade. I have no idea what prompted the first poem, although it was written before I had any concept of yoga. The second was written after finishing my biology final exam.


In and Out

A wave of innocence
The current of stress
Feeling calm and carefree
Overcome the person
In with the new view
Out with the old thoughts
Increase energy with one motion
Out goes the pent-up hate
One more breath is all I need
To keep going


Blue and Red Sky

The rolling blue skies are peaceful
My fears all disappear.
They are released just like
The child did with the big
Red balloon.
It floats upward and grows
Fainter and fainter
Until it fades into the clouds
To be seen no more.
The laughter and carefree mood
Creates in me a tranquility.
I no longer want to feel responsible
For all the troubles and cares
Around me.
I want to be free of all confusion
And with no strings to hold me down.
The quiet hideaway I hold so dear
Is where no evil may enter,
No harm may come,
And no dominating characters.
Insecurities are left in another world,
At the portal, before you step
Foot on the ground.
The need for self-esteem and courage
Are found here
And no one judges
There is only equality
And the connection among the other creatures.
The serenity and the desire to relax,
Are the few things to be given.
The soft hushed sounds deliver
The freedom I desire.
Off in the distance,
Along the horizon,
The many red balloons blend with the
Soft blue of the sky
And the glimmering sunsets spreads out
Like a canvas overwhelmed with watercolor.
A light violet formed and a smile
Appeared on my face.
The dazzling stars are beginning to awaken
And a few select red balloons continue
To be released
Into the now dark blue sky.


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