Poem: The Golden Days

In some ways I think this is the high school version of the poem Road ahead is closed.

There will always be a sense of longing for times in the past that seemed easier. But that ease is mostly because that particular situation is now familiar and comfortable; the emotion completely overlooks how challenging and daunting it was in the moment.

This was written during tenth grade

In the eyes of a child
Fantasy is reality
All their dreams
Come to life

They wish upon that
Bright, pulsating star
And believe their prayer
Will be answered

They can pick up a
Sword that the tree let
Them borrow
And play for hours

Little kids will take the old worksheets
And coloring books,
Place a pair of glasses on
And play school with Mr. Bear

Oh how I wish to bring back
That time in my life
When dreaming was okay
And no one judged me for doing weird things

When being naive and innocent
Was to be expected
When hopes and dreams were thought
To be around the corner

And time wasn’t a boundary.


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