Offering gratitude

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Most of us will easily rattle off the obvious things we’re grateful for: family, friends, faith, enough money to get by and so on. But it’s important to identify things that go beyond the obvious. To be grateful for people or situations that are perhaps challenging yet offer a greater lesson or insight down the line, even if those benefits and blessings aren’t immediately clear.

If you haven’t done this before, take another look at the challenges you’ve faced. Is there some element of gratitude with what you’ve encountered? Not because it was pleasant but maybe you were able to grow from it. Or maybe the challenge lead you to a different place or put you in contact with someone new and now you can’t imagine life without having met that person or gone through that experience.

What are you grateful for? Who has touched your heart? Who has challenged you to be better or not give up on yourself? What situations have forced you out of your comfort zone so you could discover a hidden passion? What abilities and talents do you possess and use that you are thankful for? Or who reached out to help without being asked?

Today, I am …

Grateful for my sensitivities because they’ve shaped me into a more empathetic person.

Thankful for my height because it provides me with a unique perspective.

Thankful for my academic struggles because I learned to persevere.

Thankful for my ability to write because it has been a valuable source of refuge and self-expression.

Grateful (and often times in utter awe) for the opportunity to embark on this journey of self-discovery and acceptance. It has been rewarding beyond words and expectations.

Thankful for the progress I’m making in seeing myself in a more balanced way.

Appreciative of a job that’s less than perfect because it allows me to provide for myself.

Grateful for those who annoy me because when I recognize it, it’s a humbling reminder that I annoy others too and need to be more compassionate.

What are you grateful for? How are you blessed?


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