A mother’s loving touch


One memory that stands out from childhood is getting to be on my parents’ bed. Wasn’t that always the best? It felt like a heavenly escape almost because it was far more comfortable than my own. But the moments were like being in a spa almost. Just a relaxing treat. 

It was also a time for one-on-one with Mom. We would take turns laying down and giving each other back massages. Well, not so much massages as rubbing in lotion.  But it was a soothing exercise, which I a bit unusual considering my sensitivities to touch. Somehow, though, this was acceptable. 

We’d even spend time tracing letters, writing messages for the recipient to identify. 

Before the blog, I always reflected on this experience as being a little silly. Now it’s actually a highly age-appropriate challenge for recognizing letters and identifying basic letter patterns. I was likely in kindergarten or early elementary age. This exercise requires touch recognition with how letters are formed and feel on the back, plus a degree of memory and mental visualization to recall all the letters that are traced and identify the word. 

I just want to say thank you to Mom for finding a simple way for us to spend time together. You were teaching at that point so I’m sure you recognized the value of reviewing words and letters. Thank you for also encouraging some sensory therapy, even if you didn’t realize it’s full impact. 

For me, touch was so tricky. But you found a way to trace the words “I love you” onto my back, onto my skin, so that I was sure of their truth. So that I knew they weren’t merely words. 


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