Making accommodations in the classroom


I came across this quote at some point during my college experience. I instantly fell in love with it. I very much liked the idea of continuing through life without letting something outside your control get in the way. I just didn’t know how relevant this quote was, how much it actually described me.

Like the bumble bee, I didn’t know about the external obstacles that were always before me. I just kept going. Pushing through the awkwardness and the insecurities. Doing the best I could to work with the irritations and annoyances that cropped up.

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Embrace the squeaky shopping cart

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This weekend I was visiting with my parents to celebrate Mom’s birthday. It was nice to be able to get away from work and spend time with family, no matter how brief.

There was a moment when I was out shopping that I had a little epiphany. I’m sure you have similar instances when a seemingly random object or event suddenly evokes greater meaning.

While out shopping, the cart I grabbed seemed just fine, but after a few steps it was quite clear this one had a problem with a wheel. It was loud, rattling and didn’t want to go straight. This was going to be a short trip in the store so I kept it.

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I hear voices when I read


Now, I’m not delusional, but when I read I do hear an internal voice sounding out the words. And if you reflect on your own reading experience, there’s a chance you might experience the same thing. Although perhaps you haven’t given it much thought.

Some people are able to disconnect from the words. There’s a phenomenon known as speed reading. My understanding of this is that every word is not read. Instead, there is a way to skim over and focus on main ideas, summarizing thoughts for each paragraph and section of text.

I can’t do that. If I try, I end up feeling like I’m missing crucial information.

For me, to read with comprehension means there’s an internal voice sounding out the words. I don’t know for sure if this was my experience as I started to read. But it’s what I encounter as an adult, so it seems safe to assume it’s always been there.

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